Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What Is The Correct Bifocal Height For My Eyeglasses

Many people wear bifocal eyeglasses, but unfortunately too, there is a large amount of people wearing bifocal eyeglasses with the bifocal set to the wrong height. While it is the job of the optician to make sure that your bifocal eyeglasses are fitted with the correct bifocal height, unfortunately to today’s standards that doesn’t seem to happen very often.

Globally it is the responsibility of the optician and the eyeglasses store to make sure that your eyeglasses fit correctly. However, you as the consumer and eyeglass wearer sometimes don’t realize that the height of your bifocal is incorrect. With that said, you can easily go the entire life of your eyeglasses not knowing that you suffer from wearing a pair of your eyeglasses incorrectly.

Here is a little tip for you that will help educate you more about the proper height of a bifocal. While opticians indeed do their job with measuring you with the eyeglasses on your face, rarely do they ask you to sit in your natural state. Everyone has their own unique sitting and standing positions. People all have different postures. With that though, rarely do opticians ask you to sit in your natural state. Instead, they ask you to sit up straight in your chair while they take your bifocal measurement.

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