Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Plastic Eyeglass Frames vs Metal Eyeglass Frames

Have you ever wondered which eyeglass frames are better: plastic or metal? Which type of eyeglass frame lasts longer, which type seems to hold up better against wear and tear. Do metal eyeglass frames look better than plastic? Are plastic eyeglass frames heavier and less comfortable compared to metals ones? I’ll point out a few of the advantages and disadvantages to both and then let you decide on which type of eyeglasses you think is better.

Plastic Eyeglass Frames

Generally they can be subjected to more abuse without breaking. Plastic frames are typically more durable and tend to last longer than metal frames. The make for an excellent choice if you are going for that retro and trendy or alternative look.

Some disadvantages are that plastic frames can be hard to adjust to your face. If the frame doesn’t fit you very well “as is” then there is a good chance that the frames will always cause you problems with fitting on your face incorrectly, especially around the nose. Also, some plastic frames can be a little heavier compared to metal ones.

Metal Eyeglass Frames

Metal eyeglass frames tend to be a little lighter in weight. Also they tend to blend in with your face, giving them an almost invisible appearance. There is a larger selection of sizes, shapes and colors and metal frames come in high quality metals such as titanimum for added durability.

Some of the disadvantages with metal eyeglass frames include being able to break easily. Some metal frames have weak solder points and can break easily. Many metal frames actually cost more than plastic frames. Another disadvantage of having a metal eyeglass frame is that the screws can sometimes work their way loose.

All in all, I think it all depends on personal preference. While metal eyeglass frames have some advantages over plasic frames, the opposite is true with plastic frames compared to metal ones. My advice for you when the time comes to choose an eyeglass frame for your face is to consider all the advantages and disadvantages, but also to consider things such as comfort, style, and price.

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