Sunday, March 29, 2009

What Are the Most Comfortable Eyeglasses on the Market?

Comfort is an individual thing, for instance, some people wear contacts because they don't enjoy having to worry about glasses. On the other hand, the idea of putting something in their eyes makes some people squeamish and they can't fathom wearing anything but eyeglasses.

Yet, even those who make that choice to wear specs agree that glasses can be a bit cumbersome at times. The shape at the bridge is the most importan
t a
spect of determining comfort and is where the source of aggravation often stems. These types of glasses often leave r
ed marks on the no
se because they grip too tightly. This can make them very hard to wear.

More often t
han not, such frames are made out of plastic, this doesn't mean that plastic will always be uncomfortable, in fact, some designer names are stamped on plastic frames.

Which leaves the question of what types of eyeglasses offer the most comfort to those who chose glasses over contacts?

Plastic eyeglasses:
Plastic eyeglasses are economical, stylish and above all, they can be 
comfortable when made correctly. How comfortable? Well, this can largely depend on the make, model and style of the frames. For example, cat ey
e frame glasses are said to be easy to wear, whereas larger, boxier frames are heavier and harder to keep from sliding. Constantly having to push glasses up can be awkward and far from comfo
rtable. Plastic isn't the only material that glasses are made out of though. It is these other materials that often offer greater comfort than plastic can.

Believe it or not, metal frames tend to be lighter on the face than plastic eyeglasses, 
making them far m
ore comfortable. This is because the frames are thinner and have less bulk. They can also form into more 
pleasing and fashionable shapes making them a preferred choice among eye glass wearers.

Titanium eyes glasses can run a bit on the expensive side if you get true titanium glasses that are well made and not imitation. The expense is not without cause! Titanium eye glasses are generally light weight, corrosion resistant and can take being sat on! They can also give a snug fit on the nose, keeping them from slipping. This feature is one of many aspects that enhance comfort for the wearer. They are also extremely sturdy and come in a large variety of shapes and colors.

'Memory-Metal' Flexon:
A revolutionary product, memory metal Flexon glasses are feather light and can be bent a variety of angles. This makes them super durable. It also makes them super comfortable! Because the metal bends and expands it can shape around the bridge of the nose. Over time, the glasses will "remember" the exact shape of your bridge, so that they sit there undisturbed until you take them off. No more pushing your glasses back into place 101 times a day! Out of all the above glasses, true Flexon memory metal frames are the highest, with frames starting in at around $80.00 and springing upwards towards the higher end hundreds.

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