Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Prescription Sunglasses Deals

Are you looking for the best deals on prescription sunglasses? There’s a lot of mystery to prescription sunglasses that should be uncovered. The first item to talk about is cost. Why is it that some prescription sunglasses cost hundreds of dollars while other over the counter non prescription sunglasses only cost a few dollars?

You know this all too well at times when you compliment a friends sunglasses and then he tells you that they only cost him five dollars at the gas station. You then end up feeling a little silly, knowing that you paid a few hundred for yours. That is ok though, and I will tell you why.

Gas station sunglasses are nothing compared to high quality sunglasses that you can have made to order or sold at places such as SunGlass Hut or Lenscrafters. What you are paying for is superior quality and amazing optics.

The first thing to understand is that having these high quality options in your sunglasses, this will indeed come at a price. Having recognized that, you can then start a hunt for finding the best prescription sunglasses deals.

The way to find the best deals on prescription sunglasses is pretty simple. There are only a handful of major optical retail chains: Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision, etc. Frequently, these eyeglass stores offer various sales and coupons.

Many of these eyeglasses sales that they offer involve a Buy One Get One Free, or a Buy One Get One Half Off. Sometimes eyeglass stores run deals like $50 dollars off, or even $100 dollars off. I have seen some eyeglass shops run specials that allow you to get a pair of sunglasses free with the purchase of a regular pair of eyeglasses.

So really, the key to this is first recognizing that having a pair of high quality prescription sunglasses indeed will cost you a little bit of money. Great things in life simply don’t come cheap. With that, be sensible and seek out who can provide you with the best deal. Spring and Winter is the best time to seek out prescription sunglasses as most eyeglass stores offer and promote the best deals during this time.

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