Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Should I Buy A Second Pair of Eyeglasses?

I am glad I am out of the business, because I can really speak my mind about the internals of running an eyeglass store. I managed a Lenscrafters, Pearle Vision and a Doctor’s ValuVision and I can tell you this; eyeglass stores want to close the deal and make the sale and at all costs try to create a second pair purchase. At times, shopping for a pair of eyeglasses can feel like shopping for a car.

Most retail chains such as the companies mentioned above, coach, train and monitor the percentage of multiple pairs of eyeglasses sold by their staff. Many opticians, frame stylist, or whatever each store calls their staff, have to maintain a certain level of sales as multiples. If they fall below their quota or percentage, it could eventually cost them their job. No joke! Being a sale associate at an eyeglass chain can be stressful. They have managers barking and breathing down their backs. These same store level managers have regional managers barking and breathing down their backs.

There is nothing wrong with purchasing a second pair of eyeglasses. They come in handy if you break a pair. They come in handy if you do multiple things. However, make no mistake, you don’t have to have a second pair. If it is not in your budget to buy a second pair, don’t fall for the sales tactics that will be applied to you. Keep this in mind, most optical stores will sell you a second pair of eyeglasses regardless if you need them or not and many will create an example that will make you feel like you need an additional pair. Remember the choice is up to you. Things to consider would be if you wanted to get a pair of prescription sunglasses, a pair of eyeglasses that stay in your car, a second pair of eyeglasses just for at work, etc… In most cases, it is more a level of convenience.

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