Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Are Bifocal Lenses A Good Choice For Computer Users?

There comes a time when people need bifocals. That is perfectly normal. As we get older our crystalline lens loses its ability to flex which gives us the ability to focus from distance to near. Simply put, the crystalline lens is similar to a camera lens and as we get older this lens get stuck, thus giving you only the ability to see far away.

The solution is bifocals! Today, bifocals come in a huge variety of choices but can be broken down into two classifications: line style bifocals (the flat top bifocal) and no line style bifocals (progressive). In either case, you may be wondering if bifocal lenses are a good choice for computer users.

The answer is no. Bifocals do not make for a good choice for computer users. The reason is fairly simple. With bifocal lenses, the added strength needed to see up close is applied to the bottom of the lens. In order to see up close you have to drop your eyes down so that you can view through the area of the lenses that give you the prescribed magnification to correctly focus up close.

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