Sunday, March 22, 2009

How to Find the Best Reading Glasses For Your Face Shape

When selecting reading glasses and sunreaders, it is important to take into consideration your face shape. You may love the funky design of a great sunreader, but will it be flattering on your face? Or would you look ridiculous and peculiar?

It would certainly be helpful to have an honest friend to bring along during your shopping trip. But that's not always effective, especially when you don't have a friend who has a tuned aesthetic eye. Or you might end up bringing someone who would just nod approvingly to each frame.

Luckily, there is another way to choose the best reading glasses for you, without involving a friend who does not want to hurt your feelings. This strategy is great when you are planning to surprise everyone with your new look. And the strategy simply involves the use of geometry, your basic knowledge of shapes.

If you can tell the difference between a triangle and a square, then you've already acquired the basic skills. If you can distinguish an oblong from an oval, then you're in good shape. And if you simply look at the mirror and honestly analyze the shape your face resembles, then you can buy the reading glasses best suited for you.

Flattering reading glasses for a triangular face

You friends may have teased you about the triangular singularity of your face. Your forehead is unusually narrow, while your chin and cheeks are distinctly wide. When people look at you, their eyes are drawn to the dominant lower half of your face.

The good news is that you have something in common with Julia Roberts and Eric Bana.

More good news is that you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to reading glasses! However, that does not mean that you can let someone else buy your reader glasses. In fact, the best reading glasses for a triangular face are low-temple styles, semi-rimless frames, aviator style reading glasses, and cat-eye frames. If you are not savvy to the names of such frames, all you need to remember is to choose reading glasses that will add width to the upper part of your face.

Stylish reading glasses that soften a square face

You may have noticed that people have second thoughts about approaching you, even though your closest friends swear that you have the most congenial personality. But the truth is right in front of that mirror. Your face has a square shape. It is a formidable and powerful face. Your jaw is pronounced and your forehead is wide.

For a man, a square face conveys undeniable strength, such as the face of Bruce Willis. For a woman, the square shape has led to many agonizing minutes of using makeup to soften the overall countenance. But some women, like Jamie Lee Curtis, appear comfortable with their square faces. The secret is around the eyes. With the right reading glasses or sunreaders, a woman does need to not worry much about makeup. The reader glasses that will soften the square face are those with round frames. For a really chic look, opt for designer reading glasses whose left and right edges flow past the shape of the face.

Define circular faces with chic reading glasses

You've been called baby-face so many times you're beginning to think it is your official nickname. When people see your round face, they can't help but think of babies, who are, after all, born with cute round faces.

However, you do not need to lose sleep over a face shape reminiscent of your childhood. Drew Barrymore and Kate Winslet are in the same boat. You should enjoy that youthful shape, but you also needed something else to make people realize that you are an adult.

To add sophistication to your appearance, you will need reading glasses with angular frames, with the horizontal widths significantly longer than the vertical length. To add glitz, you can opt for rhinestones and colored temples. Your best reading glasses should also have a distinct bridge between the eyes.

Keeping the proportions of an oval face with reading glasses

An oval face is considered the most balanced, and sometimes, the most coveted, especially when represented by the beautiful faces of Sharon Stone, Tyra Banks, and Cindy Crawford. An oval face's cheekbones are high, while the chin is slightly narrower than the forehead, and the jaws are soft.

For the oval face, the best reading glasses show off the simplicity of such balance. The size of the frames should be wider than the cheeks. And the reading glasses should be simple with minimum motifs or designs. You might be disappointed with the idea that designer reading glasses are not recommended for you, but there is really nothing needed to fix for your perfectly shaped face.

Reading glasses balance an oblong face

The oblong shape has been the culprit for creating the impression of sadness on a face. The cheek line is precisely defined, making it longer and narrower. The long face is conventionally associated with the sad face. But if you knew the alluring Gwyneth Paltrow has an oblong face, then there is nothing to be sad about.

To ensure that the right reading glasses complement such a face, you need to stick to three basic types. These are the low-triangle frames, the round frames, and the semi-rimless frames. These types of reader glasses add width to the face.

Stylish reading glasses that add sparkle to diamond faces

You may have found your reflection a little bit peculiar, especially when you and your friends are standing side by side in front of the mirror. The reason for the difference is the diamond shape of your face. Among your friends and family, you are the only one with such a face shape.

However, don't think of yourself as odd because Sophia Loren and Katherine Hepburn also have the same face shape. Think of yourself as rare. And think of yourself lucky because you look great in many types of reading glasses, including rimless frames, oval frames, and cat-eye frames. Designer reading glasses will look great on you, especially when the design is dominant along the brow lines.

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