Saturday, March 21, 2009

7 Reasons You Might Want To Buy Your Loved Ones Reading Glasses

There comes a time in everyone's life that vision correction becomes a necessity. For some it is early in life, but for many glasses are not needed until later in life. Some of us are pretty good at fooling our friends into thinking we are younger than we actually are, unfortunately there is no fooling mother nature when it comes to eyes.

Many people will first go through a period of denial, they never needed glasses before and they sure don't need them now. This is the time when your eye care provider will put on their psychiatrist hat and try to phrase it ever so gently; that your eyes are growing up. This is also the time when loved ones are needed for support. As the wife, husband, friend, daughter, brother, or son, it is your job to watch for these signs and take action when appropriate.

7 Signs Your Beloved May Be Ready For Reading Glasses

  1. When out to dinner, they glance over the menu. You ask, "What looks good to you?" They reply with "It all looks delicious, but I want to hear the specials".
  2. They have a new found interest in lighting, and rearranging the lights around the sofa.
  3. When you ask for the time, they take a look at their watch and reply with "oh boy, look at the time, it's getting late"
  4. When they pick up reading material, they first sit up straight, then cock their head, and extend their arms, just a tad...
  5. They recently switched to only buy hardcover books
  6. They have been telling people they are 38 years old for the last five years
  7. The last time they made the microwave popcorn it came out burnt. When asked what happened, they replied that the popcorn button looks exactly the same as the potato button.
If 2 or more of the above symptoms hit home, you may need to purchase your loved one a pair of readers and tactfully leave them next to their reading material.

Remember that this could be touchy area, as this is probably the very first pair of eyeglasses they ever needed. Choose a low power, a +1.00 reader is perfect for the new wearer. Also pick a style that is fun. Not too fun, nobody wants to be laughed at. Pick out a designer style that they are sure to love. Remember, they don't have to look like the canonical reading glasses we all associate with our grandparents.

Readers today are fun and fashionable. Most reading glass wearers end up loving the fact that such a necessary device is also a great fashion accessory. Once your loved one accepts the fact that seeing is easier with vision correction, they will always remember you as the one who introduced them to this wonderful new world of clarity.

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