Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Can I Remove Scratches From My Eyeglasses?

So you have a few scratches in your eyeglass lenses and perhaps you have seen a few television commercials advertising products that help remove scratches from eyeglasses. The common question that people ask is whether or not there are products made that can help remove scratches from eyeglasses. The answer is actually yes and no. I’ll explain.

Light scratches can be removed from lenses using a white Sanford peel-off china marker.

This concept is what I believe lead to the creation of many of the infomercial products found on television. Using a standard white grease pencil can and will remove very light and superficial scratches out of eyeglass lenses one of two ways by either buffing or polishing out the scratched area or simply by filling in material into the scratch.

As far as purchasing the famous infomercial products seen on TV they are a waste of money as you can purchase a white grease pencil from your local office supply store for under a dollar.

The process of repairing the scratch in your eyeglasses is fairly easy. Simply color in a round circle around over the area of your lenses that are scratched and then take a clean sham and lightly polish the scratched area.

The light friction and heat generated from the polishing and buffing will either blend the scratch in or the material from the grease pencil will fill the void where the scratch was. Keep in mind, this only works for very light or superficial scratches. This method will not remove deep scratches or dents in your eyeglass lenses.

Do not do this if you have anti-reflective lenses. If you have scratches in your anti-reflective lenses, you’re just out of luck. Anti-reflective lenses scratch and smudge very easily. Attempting to remove scratches from anti-reflective lenses will only cause more damage to them.

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