Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Importance of Getting Your Eyeglasses Adjusted

It is very important to get your eyeglasses adjusted on a regular basis. I’ll explain why. One of the most common things that happens with eyeglasses through time is the screws eventually work their way loose. Many eyeglass wearers will become upset with the retailers and return their eyeglasses with lenses fallen out or the temple arm separated from the eyeglasses frame front and expect a refund or some kind of compensation for their inconvenience. Eyeglasses should never get to the point where the screws completely fall out. This is very preventable and one of the reasons why you would visit your local eyeglass shop on a regular basis for adjustments.

Another great reason to return to your eyeglass shop to get your eyeglasses adjusted is the fact that if your eyeglasses start to sit crooked on your face, it actually alters or changes your prescription slightly and can cause you not to see as well as you should. Double vision, blurry distance vision and headaches are common effects from wearing crooked eyeglasses.

Another common complaint this is clearly linked to wearing eyeglasses that are out of adjustment are soar spots on your nose, temples and behind your ears. If your eyeglasses are not balanced and fitted properly, uncomfortable pressure points are created on an area of your head, most commonly the three areas mentioned. Other annoyances of a poorly fitting pair of eyeglasses include the bottom of the frames hitting the wearers cheeks or the top of the lenses rubbing on the eyebrows.

All in all, there is no reason to not get your eyeglasses adjusted on a regular basis. Most retailers encourage their customers to come back and provide this service for free. Typically, it only takes about 10 minutes to have your eyeglasses inspected and adjusted by an optician. Ideal times to have this done would be when you’re shopping in your local mall. There are always quite a few optical stores in your mall. Most all shops will adjust your eyeglasses even if you didn’t purchase them at their store. It is typical for an optician to put your eyeglasses into an ultrasonic cleaner as well. Overall, there are some really excellent benefits with getting your eyeglasses adjusted on a regular basis.

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