Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chanel - Useful Information About Chanel Sunglasses

Coco Chanel revolutionized women's fashions in the early twentieth century. The jersey knit suit with characteristic black piping and gold buttons are icons of comfort and professional attire. When the Parisian fashion house that she founded entered the sunglass industry in 1999, twenty-eight years after her death, it produced them in conjunction with Luxottica.
Genuine Chanel fashions bear the trademark: forward and backward overlapping letter "C's". Every thing about the Chanel line says urban sophistication and haute couture. Even the aviators in the Chanel Sunglasses' line are more sophisticated and display upscale styling. It makes a fashion statement about private or corporate jet setters rather than business class flying.
Like most designer lines--Chanel is pricey. No one wants to waste money though and bargains may be found in even high end brands. Even Chanel's top of the line 6022q range from $210 up to $605 depending on the retailer. Elegance can come at a bargain price! There is really not a better summer accessory than Channel sunglasses for the quintessential Chanel suit.
Found a knock off of those designer shades? Shh! The fashion police aren't watching and you'll pay even less. How much less? The internet has web sites that offer suitable replica Chanel for under $20. Most people can spot the differences but the styles are flattering anyway. Chanel Sunglasses inspire a full range of low end sun glasses. Inspired but still missing something. The genuine article will always be just a tad better.
If the trade mark features are missing then most people who are true aficionados of Chanel will notice. Better to look for clearance pricing and make one good purchase than to buy a drawer full of cheaper sunglasses. Care for them and enjoy them for several seasons. Vintage styles are marketed side by side with the latest styles so there is really no reason not to hang on to a good pair. After all they will probably come back into style later on down the road.
Although there are the heavy plastic frames with large lenses like style Chanel 6012 there are also the fragile styled wire rimmed sunglasses like style Chanel 4017. A real estate professional who drives clients around a lot might make better use of the heavy eye shielding dark plastic sunglasses. Some one who only sees a little light most of the day will appreciate the paler lenses with their fashion styling.
Chanel sunglasses offer many sizes and shapes of lenses designed to flatter any face. Oversized lenses like Chanel 6013b will work great with big hair and a sharper chin. Smaller style Chanel 6030 could look better on an oval face perhaps with longer hair. The exaggerated styles like the large tortoise shell pattern on Chanel 5096b will complement the trendy retro and vintage clothing in youthful wardrobes. Minimalist color and style in Chanel 4151 will look great with a pastel outfit. No matter which of the Chanel sunglasses are chosen they will look wonderful with a Chanel suit, shoes, scarf and handbag.

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