Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Temple Length of an Eyeglass Frame

Choosing a frame shouldn’t be a hard job. However, even with the help of a skilled optician, one of the most common things that gets overlooked is the length of the temple. The temple is are the two arms on the glasses that connect the frame front and wrap slightly behind your ear.

The temples on eyeglasses commonly come in different lengths. It is a great idea to make sure that the length is not too long. If you find a pair of glasses that you like but the length is too long, you can ask the optician if the pair of glasses come with temples that can be cut and shortened. This is a option on some metal eyeglass frames, but it is rare that this can be done with plastic.

All in all, it is best to make sure the default length fits fine without having to make major adjustments or modifications. An ideal fit is one that fits nice right off the eyeglass frame selection board.

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