Monday, April 27, 2009

Women's Eyeglass Frames

Eyeglass frames can truly enhance one’s appearance. Upswept shapes can literally add lift to a face. Color can be used to add attention. The smaller frames are still most popular. When choosing a frame remember it is to accent you, not take over. Today’s materials allow for beautiful color. There is anodized titanium which is thin, light- weight and delicately beautiful. Many of the rimless designs are made out of these materials. The small bits of metal join unframed lenses creating an almost not there look, which is extremely popular today. The rimless style or three-piece mount as it is called also allows you to shine through. These frameless styles offer every shape imaginable.

If your face is round you want a rectangular frame to counter balance the roundness. If you have an oval face any shape from the butterfly, upsweep, oval, round or rectangle are appropriate. Square faces do better with softer shapes. If your chin is very pointy an eyeglass frame can balance that out. Plastic frames are popular for women today. Plastics offer everything from a bright red little cat eye to a heavy tortoise shell rectangle. Many of the frame designers use laminates that allow layering of color for an extremely bold and rich look. Eyewear needs to be considered within the context in which one wears it. There are dressy delicate metal frames. Some designers even add small jewels to the frame. Eyewear follows the trends in fashion. Today you can wear what looks best on you whether it be almost invisible, heavy plastic, small, large and jeweled with upswept temples. Just remember; if it isn’t appropriate to your prescription choose something else. With the myriad of styles available today you with the help of your optician will fine the right frame for your prescription and face shape.


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