Friday, April 17, 2009

Kids Eyeglass Brands

There are some specific prescription eyeglass brands that focus on making frames for children. For the most part, these brands are great for helping kids ease into wearing glasses, making them more comfortable. Kids' eyeglass brands can make having to wear prescription eyeglasses seem fun, while making the fit easier to achieve. Some popular kids' eyeglass brands include:
- Barbie 
- Captain America (by Marvel) 
- Childs View 
- Disney 
- Dora the Explorer 
- Fairly Odd Parents 
- Fisher Price 
- Garfield 
- Hershey's 
- High School Musical 
- Incredible Hulk (by Marvel) 
- Jimmy Neutron 
- Kool Kids 
- Rugrats 
- Scooby Doo 
- Spongebob 
- Whiz Kid


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  3. Hi, you have done a good job whith you blog and the information is very useful. I always wonder what all those number in the prespriptions mean, now I know.

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