Saturday, April 11, 2009

Designer Eyeglass Brands

There is no shortage of options for the fashion and label conscious when it comes to eyeglass brands. Virtually every well-known fashion designer has at least a modest line of eyeglass frames that proudly tote their label. If you have a signature style that coincides with one of these fashion houses: the choice may be easy! Even if you aren't necessarily a fashionista, frames from a designer label may suit your style. Below is an abbreviated list of very popular designer eyeglass brands:
- Anne Klein 
- Burberry 
- Bvlgari 
- Calvin Klein 
- Dolce & Gabanna 
- Fendi 
- Gucci 
- Prada 
- Ralph Lauren 
- Versace



  1. Salam Shayan,

    You are sharing useful info about eye glasses and its an important subject for eyes are a great blessing of from our Creator.

  2. Nice site - I like. However I do have 20/20 vision. But if I keep staring at this screen I don't know.

  3. You know what you should do? Find some pictures with these designer's sunglasses lines and use them in this post. Just a suggestion :) Good info in your blog! Keep up the good job!

  4. I meant eyeglass there :) Sorry I think it's the weather...with the summer near and everything :)