Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Eyeglasses for computer use

It has been discovered, sitting in front of a computer screen not only makes you a pain in the neck and causes a creak in your backside, but it gives you eye problems as well.Even if you are currently wearing eyeglasses,you may want to purchase yourself a pair of computer glasses.

Computer glasses are specially made. In regular prescription glasses, including bifocals, you usually find help in seeing better at near ranges or far ranges.

If you spend long hours in front of a computer, you may want to get computer glasses, whether or not you have to wear corrective lenses. Computer Vision Syndrome can cause a multitude of symptoms, leading to loss of productivity. CVS can cause headaches, blurred vision, neck and shoulder pain, loss of focus, tired, burning eyes, and double vision.If you do not wear a eyeglasses, then you may want to get computer glasses anyway, as they also help with the glare from fluorescent lights.

The simplest pair of computer glasses you can order would be the single vision lenses. Their modified power helps keep the general user from some of the discomforts associated with CVS. For people with presbyopia, the occupation progressive lens, would probably work best. The transitions zone is much larger than your typical progressive lens and can even do some distant vision for you. They have improved computer vision near and far as well as the middle zone.

For some people it may be beneficial, even if not strictly necessary, for them to get an occupational bifocal. If you need reading glasses, this could be a good option. A portion of the lens is dedicated to close up work and the other portion to mid-distance work for working on the computer.


  1. I really need this spectacles to clear my vision. Thanks for it.

  2. I already wear contacts but I think I need some computer glasses. I'm glad you brought this up or I would have just kept ignoring the fact that I need some. Great post!

  3. I wear both contacts and glasses and try to keep up on the latest where they're both concerned but I had NO IDEA there is such a thing as glasses for your computer use. I need them terribly considering I am online quite a bit.
    Thanks for the heads up..it's greatly appreciated.

  4. @Hexum and @kimmy

    If you are using contact lenses and working on computer then I suggest you to use non prescription plano lens glasses with anti reflective coating during using computer. It gives you protection against harm full rays.

    You may get these glasses from www.goggles4u.com

  5. thanks for the information