Friday, June 4, 2010

The Worlds Most Expensive Sunglasses?

In fashion many things can get taken to excess, and sometimes it seems like prices are made up by giving a monkey a calculator and asking him to, “think freely”. The range in prices for sunglasses, like so many other accessories, is incredible, and the range in quality is just the same. You would think that somewhere along the line, someone will draw the line in pricing. A few of the most expensive brands charge the prices they do because they can, and others do because being the most expensive gives you exclusivity.

This exclusivity is reached in what I imagine is currently the most expensive pair of sunglasses, made by Luxuriator. The model is called Style 23, and is currently retailing for $65,000 US. It includes 18K yellow gold, ivory buffalo horn temples (are those legal?) and 132 hand cut diamonds with a total carat weight of 3.45. Wow. Don’t suppose they will send me a pair for research.

What could you get for $65,000 these days? A few things come to mind: A house (in Thailand maybe), a really nice car, a cryogenic freezing package (short term), or about 540 pairs of Ray-Ban wayfarers.

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