Thursday, December 10, 2009


Of the sites I cover, none has invested more into improving the user experience.EyeBuyDirect's site is flashy -- perhaps a bit too much so -- but you have to admire the effort. It feels very professionally done, something that contributes to the feel of confidence I have ordering from them.

They don't have the biggest selection in the field, but it is growing every month. In addition to the economical frames (starting at $7.95), they carry a wide variety of designer and fashion frames and sunglasses. I can't imagine spending $200 for non-prescription sunglasses, but they're here if you're in the market for them! The designer eyeglasses frames selection is limited (and shrinking?), but the prices are very reasonable, starting at $50 and going to $100. I bought a pair of Timberland frames here that my wife doesn't like, but I love. Very solid.

Another operation located in the United States, you shouldn't have to deal with any sort of unanticipated customs delays here. They send all domestic orders by USPS Priority Mail or via FedEx for an additional charge.

I have an excellent relationship with a couple of people atEyeBuyDirect, so I can usually help out in the rare case that you have any issues with them. In reaction to a lengthy piece I wrote in 2008, they modified their guarantee to be the best in the business (and contain the most colorful language, question and exclamation marks). They stand behind their products.

Always willing to try new things. Another one of my favorites.
Launched in 2005 and emerging today as a major player in the global online retail sphere, is a prescription eyewear website offering an extensive range of high quality, affordable frame and lens packages. The site offers its budget-conscious and style-savvy shoppers a fast, simple and efficient way to browse an extensive online catalogue, and enables them to purchase eyewear from the comfort of their own homes. Users have the added option of uploading their photo to ‘virtually’ try-on their desired eyeglasses, as well as receiving feedback and opinions from other users to help inform their decision – all contributing to a fun and interactive shopping experience

7315 Wisconsin Ave.
Suite 420E
Bethesda MD 20814

22100 East 26TH Avenue
Aurora, Colorado 80019 U.S.A
Phone: (866) 439-6628 - 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time
Pricing: USD, GBP, JPY, EUR
Payment Options: All major credit cards, PayPal

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  1. Hey, you might want to check into again. I'm having an awful experience with them as we speak, and I can't imagine it would be any different for you.

    I purchased a pair of glasses from them in September and they were great. Loved the glasses. Price was great, and received them within their stated delivery time.

    I again purchased a pair of glasses from them in late October. Same thing, good delivery time, great quality, price great. Unfortunately, the glasses were too large on me, so I contacted EyeBuy and arranged to exchange them for another pair. This is their stated policy of 100% satisfaction guaranteed- that glasses may be returned for refund or replacement for any reason, within 7 days.

    When I contacted them, they told me to package up the glasses in the same packaging, and return mail them, which I did. They instructed me to call back after they'd been mailed and provide them with the USPS tracking number, then they would begin making a new pair immediately.

    As per their advertising, a pair of glasses ordered should be received by the customer within 14 business days. Unfortunately for me, I did not receive my new pair within that time. At this point its been 22 business days.

    I've tried repeatedly to contact them to ascertain the status of my order. I've left 3 voicemails, as they apparently do not answer phone calls, but require one to leave a voicemail, to which they promise a return call. In my case however, they have yet to call me back. I've sent them 2 emails requesting that they contact me, to which they will not respond. Yesterday, I called, and a real person actually answered the call. He sounded sincere, and we discussed my order. I was on hold for a considerable amount of time, after which he came back on the line and told me he was going to have to contact the shipping department, and find out what happened to the order. He told me he would call me back right away.

    Guess what? You guessed it, I have not received a callback after a day and a half later.

    And now you can't even leave a voicemail either, as their phone just rings and rings until it times out. The phone number is either busy constantly, or when the call does go through no one answers, and the call times out and disconnects.

    At this point all I want is my money back. I paid $78.95 for my pair of glasses, and at this point I do not have a pair of glasses, nor do I have my money. I'm on Social Security, and cannot afford to spend money for something I didn't receive. I not only do not have a pair of glasses from them, but I cannot afford to buy another pair from someone else.

    I'm happy you had a great experience, but I'm furious at this point. I don't mind so much that its taken longer to get the glasses, everyone makes mistakes, but what makes me angry is that they do not have the courtesy to return my calls and emails. This company has THE worst customer service of any company I've ever purchased anything from.

    At this point I'm so angry I'm going to now file an official complaint with the state attorney's generals offices in Colorado and Maryland. Their behavior is unethical and inexcusable, and I'm angry and frustrated.

    I would suggest you check into this company again, I think you may have a change of opinion of their "service."